“The mission of the FBC Children’s Ministry is to introduce individuals and families to Jesus Christ and then establish and equip them so that they might help others in the same way.”

Minister to Children and Families: Brandon Mistler  //  (479) 968-1316  //  Email: [email protected]
Director of Preschool Ministries: Darlene Jernigan  //  (479) 968-1316  //  Email: [email protected]
Preschool and Children’s Ministry Assistant: Vera Crawford  //  (479) 968-1316 ext 217 // Email: [email protected]
Preschool Ministry Assistant:  Carla Jones  // (479) 968-1316 ext 222 // Email: [email protected]

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The World is Rated R

Instead of hiding our children from the world, let’s work to prepare them to make a difference in it.

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