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In obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples, our purpose is: to know Him and to make Him known.
It’s our desire to introduce individuals and families to Christ and then establish and equip them so that they might help others in the same way.

The process by which we accomplish our purpose involves the following six habits which should be reflected in the lives of all disciples:
H – healthy relationship with God and others
A – accountability with fellow believers
B – Bible study beginning with Sunday School
I – involvement/membership in the local church
T – time with God
S – sharing your faith

On September 10, 1873, a small group of people came together for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church in the River Valley.

Miss Mary Allen gave the church some property located at the corner of El Paso and West 2nd Street (our current location).

FBC Russellville enters a new era as a new building, consisting of a 400-seat auditorium and educational space, was completed.

The Lord added 143 people to the church during a city-wide revival.

By this time, church membership doubled and a new three-story educational building was completed.

The present 900-seat worship center was built.

Church begins to employ Acts 1:8 missions & outreach strategy.

The church continued to expand at home (new fellowship hall, events center & a two-story educational facility), as hundreds of members were sent on mission trips around the world.

On mission with Jesus in Russellville & around the world

We have been instrumental in planting the following churches/ministries in and around Russellville and the world:

 Second Baptist (1924)

Baker’s Creek Baptist (1944)

Baptist Student Union at Arkansas Tech University (1951)

Kelley Heights Baptist (1957)

Fair Park Baptist (1961)

FBC Pottsville (1962)

Mision Bautista Ebenezer

Today, ongoing church planting efforts with unreached people groups in Kenya.

Every Number is a Changed Life

Our mission remains the same: “To Know Him and Make Him Known.” And our future is bright as we move forward together, following Christ into a new era.

FBC Russellville began with 15 members in a one room building on the corner of El Paso and 2nd Street.

FBC completes a major construction project that includes a new worship center, music suite, preschool addition and remodel denver street sanctuary (new student center).

Pastors of First Baptist Russellville (1873—present)

  • 1873-76 W. W. Crawford
  • 1876-79 J. R. E. W. N. Adams
  • 1879-81 G. W. Reeves
  • 1881-84 J. P. Weaver
  • 1884-85 B. R. Womack
  • 1886-88 J. B. Wise
  • 1889 J. B. Hort
  • 1890-91 J. H. Coson
  • 1891 D. Elledge
  • 1891-94 W. T. Box
  • 1894-96 W. V. Walls
  • 1897-99 A. G. McMannaway
  • 1900-02 R. E. Reed
  • 1902 E. L. Craig
  • 1902-03 W. P. Kime
  • 1904-1906 J. O. Hill
  • 1906-08 W. C. Wood
  • 1908-10 B. R. Womack
  • 1910-11 R. F. Kerby
  • 1912 G. S. Clevenger
  • 1913-14 J. E. Brown
  • 1915-18 A. F. Cagle
  • 1918-20 W. M. Groom
  • 1920-21 R. M. Jennings
  • 1923-34 C. V. Hickerson
  • 1934-37 Troy Wheeler
  • 1937-47 Fritz E. Goodbar
  • 1947-54 W. E. Speed
  • 1954-57 A. Ermon Webb
  • 1957-64 Emil Williams
  • 1964-70 Charles B. Thompson
  • 1970-74 Jack Clack
  • 1974-83 Jack Riley
  • 1984-2011 Stephen P. Davis
  • 2011-present Greg S. Sykes