Lord’s Supper – Sept 3

Sep 5, 2017

This morning, as we celebrate this holiday weekend and worship together in our One Family Worship Service at 10:30 AM, we have the tremendous opportunity to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to continue to spiritual prepare our hearts for next week’s revival.

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Recent Sermons

A Cautionary Tale

This week, we kick off a new sermon series in the book of Acts entitled, “The Church & the Gentiles.” In Acts 8-12, the Gospel begins to spread beyond the walls of Jerusalem to new cities, communities and ethnic groups. Today’s text provides a cautionary tale in the midst of the Gospel explosion.

Paul and Phillip

In this message, as we conclude our sermon series in Acts, “The Church’s Leaders,” we see the contrast between the anger and hatred of Saul (soon to become Paul) and the Godly service of the deacon Philip in the commonly despised region of Samaria.

Stephen & the Sanhedrin, 3 C

In this message, as we move into week five of our sermon series in Acts, “The Church’s Leaders,” we conclude our look at Stephen’s powerful sermon while on trial before the Sanhedrin with his judgment on the nation and eventual death.

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