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At FBC Russellville, we believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  Just as He changed the lives of people who trusted Him in the past, He still does it today.  We celebrate stories of life change because it reminds us of who God is, how He cares for us, and how the Good News of Jesus is God’s power to save and heal us.  Check out this video, and watch more media at our media page by clicking the link below.

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Jacob’s Blessing

Today, as we move into week five of our sermon series, “Israel’s Legacy,” we read about the legacy of faith – and judgment — that Jacob bestows upon each of his sons as he lays dying on his deathbed. He understands the story of the nation of Israel was only just beginning.

Joseph’s Blessing

Today, as we move into week four of our sermon series, “Israel’s Legacy,” Jacob knows that his life is almost at an end. But, as a great example to God’s children, he does not fear death, and there are few blessings he wants to bestow on his family before the end comes.

Joseph’s Provision

Today, as we move into week three of our sermon series, “Israel’s Legacy,” we see Joseph again take center stage in the account. As the famine deepens, Joseph stands as the savior of Egypt and again foreshadows the saving work of Jesus Christ.

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