Greg Sykes

Senior Pastor  //  [email protected]

Life Story

My name is Greg Sykes and I am the Senior Pastor here at First Baptist Church in Russellville, Arkansas. I joined the staff of First Baptist Church in July of 2001 and became Pastor in 2011. I am from Arkansas, and grew up in nearby Cabot. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Journalism and Political Science, and in 2007 completed my Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newbourgh, IN. My time in ministry has led me to be a part of Student Mobilization, a regional collegiate ministry based in Conway, Arkansas, as well as, Associate and Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Dover, Arkansas. In my spare time I enjoy writing Christian fiction and I have published three novels since 2008. My wife, Jamie, is a Russellville native and has taught high school in the area for six years. She currently directs First Baptist Mother’s Day out Ministry. We have three children, a daughter, Grace, born in 2000, and two sons, Carter and Reed. Carter was born in 2003 and Reed in 2004.

Salvation Experience: I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 12. For several years, my family had been disconnected from church but, through a series of God-orchestrated events, we began to attend a small church near where we lived. Through Vacation Bible School, I was confronted with my own struggle with sin and need for forgiveness. The pastor of that little church sat me down in his office and graciously walked me through the Gospel and prayed with me as I asked Jesus to forgive me and make me new.

What is your favorite food? White Cheese Dip or Steak
What do you like to do in your spare time? Whatever my family is doing
What is your favorite thing about church ministry? Our amazing staff and the people of FBC