Life can deal situations that are difficult to handle alone no matter how large or small it may be.

We’re here; we understand, and we’re ready to help those who need help and ask for it. Please complete a contact form, so that we can help you get in contact with a support ministry or a counselor to help you walk through your difficult time.

We want you to know we feel blessed to walk these journeys with you.

And, on the other side, if you feel that you would like to encourage others, we would love to have you serve in some capacity at FBC or tell your story so that others can be encouraged (Click here to learn about sharing your story).

We believe that for real change to take place, Jesus must be at the center of our efforts.  Learn more about Jesus and how He can free you from what holds you back and guide you to know abundant life

Prayer opens God’s power to work in, through, and around us.  No matter the situation you face, prayer is a great first step.  We take your requests seriously, and handle them confidentially.  If you have a prayer need, submit your prayer request online by clicking here.

Our desire to serve through benevolence support is rooted in the grace that we have received from Jesus.  That grace doesn’t expect us to fix ourselves, but invites us to come as we are.  Learn how FBC may be able to help you meet physical and spiritual needs.

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is for anyone who has a hurt, habit or hang-up. It is not restricted to people struggling with an addiction.  Join us as we pursue real life in Jesus Christ and celebrate the recovery only He can bring through His people and His Word.

Email us about how we can offer help, or call us 479-968-1316

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